Why O2 sucks and the iPhone underperforms on the go (IMO)

Check out this website I found at o2sucks.wordpress.com

Rob Follis, top PR bloke, Apple obsessive and iPhone owner, has started a blog called O2 sucks http://o2sucks.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/a-near-neighbour-buys-an-iphone-gets-… which catalogues his frustration with the network. I have had an iPhone for several months now and I have been very underwhelmed by its performance.

At home on my wireless network, the iPhone is an amazing device which works brilliantly. Yet whenever I leave home and try to look at web pages or use Twitter I invariably end up getting very frustrated with the phone running very slowly and dropping sites and calls. Last night at Blur’s Hyde Park gig it simply gave up and was networkless for hours. Now this might be network overload – there were probably a lot of iPhone owners in the park and I seem to remember The Guar’s Jemima Kiss highlighting a similar problem at Glastonbury, but it reflects very badly on O2. My Voda/Nokia combi worked fine though.

The one thing that does spring to mind is whether this is entirely O2’s fault. Might it simply be that the iPhone’s 3G chip isn’t up to it and this is compounded by O2’s fairly iffy coverage. There I have said it.

3 thoughts on “Why O2 sucks and the iPhone underperforms on the go (IMO)

  1. Hi Ashley – I’ve blogged this – circular blogging (-: In London NW3 O2 is crap full stop, Andrea has just the same dropped calls and lousy speech quality on her Nokia, she’s trying to move but O2 keep ‘forgetting’ to send a PAC code. Glastonbury was an O2 disaster, scroll down to Glasto post http://o2sucks.wordpress.com/

  2. Nope. Never had any problems at all. iPhone is fantastic and nothing terrible to report about O2 (though I’m a business customer so I suspect customer service may be better). I did have PAC code issues when I moved from Orange to O2 that was the only thing. Call quality I think is pretty good and I’ve never had any reception problems except in the changing rooms of my gym for some reason (but my Orange phone didn’t work there either)

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