O2 does something quite cool shocker


I am aware that I haven’t been too complimentary about O2 recently –
 but kudos to the network for coming up with the goods today. They
have announced that as from August subscribers will be able to receive
free tweets. So every time you get a DM or a reply then you’ll get a
text message telling you and it’ll cost you nowt. Users will also be
able to text tweets too as part of their existing package.
There is however a fair usage policy in place with subscribers not
allowed more than 600 messages a month – which is 20 a day. Now I can
think of a few people who are going to struggle to keep to that limit.
Obviously there are many better ways of sending tweets from the iPhone
(Posterous, Tweetie and Tweetdeck) leap to mind, but quite handy to
find out when you have a DM or a reply.

2 thoughts on “O2 does something quite cool shocker

  1. Should add that Voda did this several months back, but so far haven’t confirmed if their trial service is going to be extended

  2. Might be useful for people on phones without net access but for the iPhone totally useless – just use a twitter client with push notification. 20 tweets a day? i get that in less than 5 minutes.

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