Twitterlater – microblog in the future, maybe

So this little app enables you to microblog in the future. In other words you can do a timed tweet. Sounds great. But then you think why you’d want to do a timed tweet? To spread your tweets out throughout the day? To remind you of something later? Mmmm.

There has to be some really clever use for this, but the collective brains of Shiny Red haven’t come up with it… yet.

Also the app is a bit buggy. You can time a post using its calendar, but it didn’t work of us. There’s also a countdown option so you can write a post and set it to tweet in 15 minutes, one hour etc. But that didn’t work either.

Nice idea, and there must be a really cool use for it, but it ain’t there yet

Seven very odd, and very expensive, turntables


Genius bit of linkbait from Dvice who have seven turntables for eccentric millionaires here

This is the ugliest – though I know a few people who will go its lacquered driftwood style charms in a very big way.

The others are bit more high-tech. Great post.

One small step for Neil Armstrong, one giant leap for me


Apparently I missed the moon landing for on the day it all happened we had no TV because along with my parents I was landing in St Neots for the first time. I was really, really young honest!

I left St Neots a long time ago, but in a funny way it is still home. It was, and still is, quite possibly the dullest place to grow up in, but hey I still have some odd kind of affection for the place. Probably about time I re-read Orwell’s Coming up For Air and paid it a visit.

Twitter founder’s tweets – well a bit boring…,

Check out this website I found at

I, like many of you, follow Ev Williams on Twitter. For me it is because he is in a small way a bit of hero of mine, a person who had setbacks but bounced back in the most spectacular fashion.

However as he tweets about yet another breakfast meeting I wonder if he deliberately only tweets about mundane things. It does make me wonder did Ev come up with such a game-changing, revolutionary web tool as a vehicle for him to share about early morning catch ups.

Now I can’t pretend that my Twitter feed is the 140 charactar equivalent of Samuel Peyps diary, but it did make me think, why does Ev keep it so dull? He plainly is a fascinating person with loads to say. Odd.