How Google Wave could transform journalism


Interesting article from the LA Times on how the much hyped Google Wave could transform journalism. I am not sure how many of the concepts will really work in hugely busy newsrooms, but the idea of collaborative reporting, where several reporters feed into a story at the same time, sounds like a very sensible idea. It would work when you had a general writer compiling a piece on a specialist area. The idea being that the specialist could then go in anc check facts and add insight.

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2 thoughts on “How Google Wave could transform journalism

  1. absolutely, this is something i’ve been pondering recently. There’s so much potential for collaboration between writers/editors (some benefit for bloggers working in teams there); and also for journalists working on a story. You can segment a section of text out and invite your interviewees to comment on it as you carry on with other segments. Articles can be constructed by all parties, not just the journalist.

  2. My only worry is that the speed at which news has to be delivered now will make this tricky in practice. But I think it could work very well for longer more featuret material. Hope all well Giles

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