Why is it that people who run world football (Warner and Blatter) are such Tw*ts


Blatter is clearly beyond redemption (those bribery charges certainly have gone mysteriously quiet), but if anything Fifa VP Warner is worse. Yesterday he slagged off our 2018 World Cup bid saying we had no divine right to host a World Cup and much worse


1 We have the most popular league in the world
2 We have some magnificent stadiums in Wembley, Emirates and the blue one in Manchester
3 It is our ferkin turn

We have hosted the WC once in 1966.

Italy, Germany, Mexico and France have all had it twice. Even Spain, our big rivals this time round, had it as recent as 1982.

This from a man who…

The Trinidadian’s family was accused by BBC’s Panorama of making a $1 million profit from reselling tickets for the 2006 World Cup finals. Warner denied any wrongdoing.

In August 2007 he wrote off England’s chances of hosting the 2018 World Cup, saying the country had invented the sport “but has never made any impact on world football”.

He also suggested that if the World Cup went to a European country, it should go to Italy, France or Spain because “nobody in Europe likes England”. He took back some of his remarks the following February.

How did this fool end up running world football?

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