One US start up I’d love to see in the UK


Yep VIZIO, who make superb quality, low-cost sets and have now launched these beauties

It took them just six years to become the top brand for LCD TVs in the US. They could do some amazing things this side of then pond too.

Associated Newspapers plans to close London Lite | Media |


No surprise really. At least it might mean that the Standard has a few more years in it (I reckon it’ll go after The Olympics). I do think it is astonishing that there is now a very strong possibility that London won’t have a daily newspaper within a few years

Gigs I am really annoyed I missed #1


Carousel: The Songs of Jacques Brel, Barbican, London

From this review it sounded like a top night. Brel is my second favourite Belgian (after this guy ) . Obviously none of the singers can match Scott’s intepretation of Jacky, If you go away or, especially, Mathilde.

I remember the first time I heard it. I was absolutely speechless. I got an inkl;ing of how people must have felt the first time they heard Beatles, Elvis, Pistols – nothing would ever be the same again.