Why David Bowie’s 60s stuff needs reappraising

It is fantastic to see that Bowie’s 60s stuff is getting some credit at last. I know itn is not a view shared by too many, but I think he went downhill in the 70s. For me he never ever topped ‘Can’t Help Thinking About Me’

Here’s my review of his first album – now reissued with loads of bonus stuff


The Magnetic Fields – You must be out of your mind

First single from the new album Realism, which is out on Monday. I can’t begin to say how much I love their 69 Love Songs album – a triple Cd with barely a duff tune on it. I played it every day for about two years. Can’t wait to see them play London in April too.

Fingers crossed the album is good. I loved the last one Distortion

And here is the best song Nancy and Lee never did