El Goodo–Feel So Fine

Really loving this lot at the moment. Fantastic Psych pop with a whiff of The Stone Roses from Wales. I saw her today, which is on their My Space page is even better.


El Goodo comes from The Ballad of El Goodo one of my favourite songs ever by the amazing Big Star

Why David Bowie’s 60s stuff needs reappraising

It is fantastic to see that Bowie’s 60s stuff is getting some credit at last. I know itn is not a view shared by too many, but I think he went downhill in the 70s. For me he never ever topped ‘Can’t Help Thinking About Me’

Here’s my review of his first album – now reissued with loads of bonus stuff


The Magnetic Fields – You must be out of your mind

First single from the new album Realism, which is out on Monday. I can’t begin to say how much I love their 69 Love Songs album – a triple Cd with barely a duff tune on it. I played it every day for about two years. Can’t wait to see them play London in April too.

Fingers crossed the album is good. I loved the last one Distortion

And here is the best song Nancy and Lee never did