Off with @seanhannam to watch Girls tonight

Err as in the SF based Buddy Holly influenced, feedback crazed indie band. They are at the Scala

Excellent – new evidence suggests that one of my ancestors shagged Anne Boleyn


Loving this. there’s a new book out – deets here… which suggests that contrary to received wisdom that Anne Boleyn was a bit of a shagger.

The blog says

Most historians these days are sympathetic to Anne’s cause and believe that Anne Boleyn, Mark Smeaton, Sir Henry Norris (that’s my relative), Sir William Brereton, Sir Francis Weston and Anne’s brother George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, were framed in a successful attempt to get rid of Anne and bring down the whole Boleyn faction.

Norris, along with four others joined Anne at the Tower of London, where they were beheaded not log after. Their bones are interned in the chapel there and I have been to say hello a few times.

Anyhow the theory runs that Anne was so desperate to get a male heir (and obv the fat evil old tyrant didn’t have form in that area) that she chose to shag Henry and others to increase her chances.

The best bit is this though

In his report of 1991, Bernard cites the French poem as evidence against Anne, along with Mark Smeaton’s confession, Anne’s flirtatious behaviour with Norris and Weston, and the talk of Norris being Elizabeth’s father.

So my ancestor was rumoured to be Elizabeth 1st dad – kind of makes sense – we have a lot of ginger in our family.

Zen – Hair (1968)

Forget Google Buzz! The most exciting thing to happen this evening is finding this gem on YT. It is a cover of the theme from the musical by a 60s Dutch band Zen complete with a really fast compelling beat and fuzz guitar. Marvellous. Their album isn’t bad either

Quickie guide to Google Buzz

Really excited by Google Buzz, so excited in fact I even passed on baby night on the BBC to write a noddy guide to how it works.

I guess we will get that magical Buzz tab on our Gmails in the next day or two

So will it do much for online publishers? – This is an interesting question. Twitter works well for publishers as it enables them to create an account for a website and then post updates about the content it has placed on the site. It works like a RSS reader. Google Buzz is more difficult for publishers in that it focuses on an individual through their Gmail account rather than a new account linked to a website. If anything it could be very democratic in that if content is good it will be shared by individuals which will of course drive traffic to the website.

Will iPhone and iPad apps developers soon be offering free apps for bloggers


Well they already are… but to qualify you have to be a magazine publisher who can zip up your content into a PDF.

It does strike me though that there is a business model there somewhere. Where is the WordPress/Typepad for iPhone/iPad publishing apps. All it needs is for someone to develop a basic iPhone app that turns blogs into a richer, more magazine like design. They could then work with the bloggers on a revenue share basis.

Of course with the ad market depresssed at the moment, now isn’t the optimum time to launch. But in a year or so with an improved economy, more vibrant ad marketplace and the inevitable halo effect that will surround content published for the iPad and the iPhone, it would surely be a very sucessful business.

Bloggers could have the last laugh again too for if lots of blogs end up being published in that format, heritage media might find that the ad revenues they were expecting (which they hope are more like the rates they get for paper mags) aren’t realised as brands have much more choice as to where they place their ads. The net result will be ad rates will fall, but once again the bloggers and other new media entrepreneurs will get a decent slice of that ad cake.

Just a thought. Btw any iPhone app developers who fancy a chat about this get it touch