A few thoughts on #askthechancellors and why Osborn is a better bet than Ken Clarke


1 It was compelling viewing

2 But not for everyone – at its peak the programme had two million viewers, that’s seven million less than Corrie

3 Osborn is clearly the weakest link. The best gag of the evening came from some wag who said he looked uncomfortable as it was probably the first job interview he has ever had to face

4 Darling did well – He came across as someone who really did care about people and their problems

5 But Cable came out top – He might look like a ticket inspector, but he sounded honest, knowledgable and I think this was reflected in the way he topped the C4 and Guar polls

6 However each side claimed that their man won – Bizarrely Osborn walked it in The Times poll

7 Cable should join the Labour party – he is so much closer in spirit to Labour than neo Thatcherite Clegg and his front bench

8 People who voted for Cable won’t necessarily vote Lib Dem – I think the Lib Dems might steal a few votes from the Tories but not many (Labour’s core vote is, according to many pollsters, very solid). This is a straight fight and no matter how popular Vince is the Lib Dems will get squeezed.

9 Kenneth Clarke was a nightmare in every ministerial post he held – He might be an amiable old duffer, but he was a terrible minsiter. People have very short memories

10 Twitter might just be saving live TV – which is great news for advertisers. More here


2 thoughts on “A few thoughts on #askthechancellors and why Osborn is a better bet than Ken Clarke

  1. He got lucky – the global economy was on the up and in spite of very dire social needs – state education and health were in an awful state – he kept a very tight budget.If you don’t spend any money you can do things like make tax cuts. People for get how crap schools, the NHS etc were in the 80s and 90sHe doesn’t have many small ideas, let alone the Big One, and is not keen on doing homework. – PaulJohnson on Ken Clarke http://bit.ly/9OAqHu

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