St George’s Day YouTube playlist – 25 of the greatest English pop songs

Friday 23rd April is St George’s Day and this year, for once, we are having a party.

To get you in the mood for the event – see below – here’s a YouTube playlist of some quintessentially English pop music. We’ll certainly be playing a few of these tunes.

To get to the playlist click

It is timem to grab St George’s day back for the people. So forget that dragon slaying fella and let’s celebrate the Georges who made England great – Harrison, Formby, Orwell, Boy, Michael, George from the Famous Five and Osborn (just kidding).

So on Friday April 23rd come on down to the Alternative St George’s Day shindig at The Royal George- 133 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0EA.

We have…

Three bands playing their own tunes and English pop classics
DJs spinning English music all night – Beatles, Blur, Stone Roses, Smiths, Libertines, Kinks
English cheese raffle, English beers, English wine, Bunting, Shove ha’penny and more.

It kicks off at 7.30 – be seeing you

One thought on “St George’s Day YouTube playlist – 25 of the greatest English pop songs

  1. You forgot George Cole, who played ‘Flash Harry" in St Trinians & Arthur Daley in Minder, 2 quintessentially English characters & George out of "George & MIldred" who conversely was as weak & ineffectual as a few of the English beers I’ve had the misfortune to drink over the years – in fact he reminds me a bit of George Osbourne; where’s he hiding during this Election campaign? And does that make David Cameron, Mildred?

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