Stop being cycnical about #stgeorgesday says Archbishop


St George’s day gets backing from the Archbishop of York. No surprise that a CofE bishop wants people to celebrate the day, but excellent that some erudite comments about St George’s day comes from someone for whom England is their adopted country.

Here’s what he says…

“To be patriotic, is to appreciate and be grateful for all that is valuable in the country you live in. It does not require you to be a xenophobe or a blinkered nationalist.

“The failure to recognize and to appreciate the goodly heritage of one’s country of residence is a sign of an all-round ingratitude. Ingratitude in turn breeds cynicism.

“We should be proud of our country and not be afraid to show it! I was shocked by the results of recent report commissioned by ‘This England’ magazine. This report stated that forty per cent of English people felt England had completely lost its national identity and twenty five per cent said political correctness had left them feeling ashamed of their nationality. It also seems that only ten per cent of those questioned in England would happily fly the national flag. Well, I will be part of that group today as I will have the St George’s Flag flying from Bishopthorpe Palace!

“One of the great traditions of this country is our hospitality and we should invite others to join us today in celebrating St George!”

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