Today’s game-changing tech deal – and it isn’t HP/Palm

674 siri thumb.jpg

It is Apple buying Siri. We Brits don’t tend to know too much about Siri as iit is only available in the US, but according to freinds who have used it Siri no only works but transforms the iPhone.

Apple has already fallen behind in this area with Google Voice Search a core feature of Android phones. Siri will give Apple a chnace to innovate and catch up. Just wait until the next gen OS has Siri built in.

As for Palm being bought by HP. It is a sad end for a company that could have been huge but at times seemed a little bit arrogant and slow to innovate. I am sure the HP crew will put the Palm team and the webOS to good use though. A real iPad rival that doesn’t use Windows sounds good.

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