Marshall Street Baths – Soho’s iconic swimming pool is back in 10 days

There aren’t many things that you wait 13 years for, but I am prepared to make an exception for then Marshall St baths. Soho’s iconic indoor poool – think Victorian-esque with the odd art deco flourish, was closed back in 1997 and has been mothballed since. It has meant that every time I wanted a sneaky swim in town I have had to go to the Oasis in Covent Garden, which is lovely, but a tad busy.
The great news is that after a £25 million refit it reopens for watery business on July 26th – ten days from today.
As Goggleblog reports as well as the marble lined pool, it will feature two exercise/dance studios, two fitness suites and a health suite with sauna and steam rooms. Also available will be a range of treatments and therapies. The centre will be run as a public facility by Nuffield Health on behalf of Westminster City Council.
Soooo excited.

Btw pic 2 is as the pool is now, while pic 5 dates from the mid 90s – blimey it looks grubby


One thought on “Marshall Street Baths – Soho’s iconic swimming pool is back in 10 days

  1. Basically it’s a brilliant refurbishment,restored to its former glory.It needs a bit of perking up-a beautiful plant would help….also,i look forward to when it is a bit busier.The changing rooms are currently having teething problems and are rather cramped in feel with the showers in close proximity to the changing area so you are likely to get splashed!

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