The rebirth of Uxbridge Lido

… which has now been re-christened Hillingdon Leisure Centre.

This is one of the capital’s most stunning Art Deco Lidos which is
famed for its unique cross-shaped pool. It closed over a decade ago
and was in a right state when I vistited it (sneaked through the
fence) in 2003 (see pic)

It reopened in Spring with the original lido supplemented by a well
equipped leisure centre and an indoor pool and it seems that the
council have done a pretty sound job.

The main outdoor pool itself is not heated so I suspect will only be
open for the summer, which is a shame. I wonder how much more it would
cost to install a solar heater as they have at London Fields Lido.
This would mean the pool could be opened all year round. Nevertheless
I loved my swim at Uxbridge. The council have done a pretty good job
of restoring the lido and kept most of its Art Deco trimmings, though
they have lost the trademark blue stripe on the main buildings.

The only other minor moan I have is that the outdoor showers are cold.
Surely after 20 lengths at 17 degrees C you are entitled to a hot

More pics here

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