A few Twitter alternatives…


So Twitter is apparently being hacked by Russians Australians who do odd things with a mouse. If you are too scared to visit the Twitter home page, and it really is fascinating viewing this afternoon, why not take a look at these micro blogging alternatives

1 Plurk – Very smart micro blogging system, puts your posts in a timeline. Deserves to be more popular.

2 Posterous – Proper blogging system that is almost as easy as using Twitter. The downside is that one of the key ways you get people to read your posts is via the site automatically pinging Twitter when you post.

3 Tumblr – Rival to Posterous, but not quite as intuitive and better for words than images.

4 Google Buzz – Google’s micro blogging system. Use it quick before it goes the same way as Google Wave.

5 Dailybooth – This is like Twitter, but is more image focused. You upload an image and add a comment

There’s also 12 Seconds (updates via video), Jaiku (very like Twitter) and some no mark site called Facebook

Everything you ever needed to know about London’s amazing Senate House


Is in this article http://quazen.com/arts/architecture/from-gotham-city-to-the-ministry-of-love-…

It was central London’s second skyscraper.

Hitler loved it and wanted it as his London HQ. He apparently told the Luftwaffe not to bomb it

Orwell worked there and it inspired 1984

It is in loads of films and TV most notably The Day of The Triffids and Batman Begins.

It was frozen once http://www.sutrodigital.com/253/projects/working-with-ford-on-an-amazing-inte…

It is my favourite building. I gaze up at it each time I cycle home

New project – Sutro Digital – so what exactly is a social branded content agency?


I haven’t posted here for a few days largely because of I have been working on a new project – Sutro Digital

You can find out more about the company here http://www.sutrodigital.com/232/about-sutro/sutro-digital-all-you-need-to-kno…

but essentially we are a content agency that works with brands to create content that we share with their customers via social media.

We think our social emphasis and the broad range of experience of the founders (customer publishing, PR, blogging, social media) makes us unique in the UK.

Brands now have an amazing opportunity to enegage with their customers via social media. However we resolutely beleive that igniting some of that conversation should be quality, old fashioned content.

We already have an amazing team in place, but as time goes by we will also be looking for freelance writers, developers and designers. So if that’s you get in touch ashleyatsutrodigitaldotcom

How Google Instant might affect SEO

You probably already know loads about Google Instant, the new search engine facility which delivers results which change at the touch of a keystroke. How though might it affect SEO?

1 It will make the top five searches very important – it will be those searches that catch your eye. The importance of a top five placing on Google will become even more important.

2 It will devalue second and third pages – I suspect that people won’t actually get that far with searches now. Rather they will just chnage what they are typing and get different first page results

3 It will deliver even more Google News traffic – Search for a product or a company and the top search is via Google News. This is the same as in previous searches, but I wonder if the speeded up search system will mean we are more likely to click on the first story that comes up. If it does, and I suspect it will, this is great news for publishers.

A few questions though

Firstly what % of people search using tool bars? They won’t be affected by the change.

Secondly people who are less web savvy might find Google Instant tricky, so their search patterns might not be affected as much.

Brilliant new men’s style site


One of my favourite ever blogs is http://retrotogo.com/ which is a brilliant round up of cool stuff to buy that either dates from, or is inspired by, the second half of the twentieth century.

Now the team behind that blog has produced another corker in http://www.hisknibs.com/ It is a men’s stlye blog with the empahsis on old school fashion. Just like Retro it is likely to put a big dent in my bank balance too. Check it out as I think it could become huge.

Nice work Dave and the team

What Vox’s closure says about the state of blogging


I was a little sad to hear about the closure of blogging service Vox last week. Not especially because of losing my own Vox blog, but because Six Apart, the company that created Vox, deserved better. Over the years many blogs I have been involved with have used Six Apart platforms. I had my Paul on the Damascus Road experience with Typepad and developed Shiny on the platform before upgrading to Movable Type.

As any Shiny writer can tell you there have been issues with MT, but I think many of these stem from Shiny’s under investment in technology rather than the platform itself.

Vox was a bold attempt to invent a social networking platform with the emphasis on blogging, rather than shorter updates like Facebook and eventually Twitter. It probably didn’t work out because ultimately bloggers already had established blogs on platforms like Typepad and WordPress and Vox was never going to be able to compete with Facebook and Twitter for new users.

Where Six Apart missed a trick was by not making blogging ultra simple (like Posterous) or ultra pretty and image focussed (like Tumblr). Maybe Vox was a result of the company following other people’s agendas and not setting its own.

Six Apart is apparently in merger talks with Videoegg http://techcrunch.com/2010/09/03/six-apart-and-vox%E2%80%94how-promise-gets-s… which probably forced the closure. There is a feeling though that the once very promising start up may have missed the boat a little.

According to Techcrunch

Back in 2007 when Six Apart sold off LiveJournal and named Chris Alden CEO, the mantra was the company was finally going to focus. There’s a fine line between healthy diversification and doing too much to do anything well. Six Apart has always had an Intuit problem—they had several valuable properties but they didn’t necessarily add up to one big consumer Internet brand in the golden age of huge consumer Internet brands.

I think it is true that if you have one hero brand you become more desirable.

This is something that also rings true for many of the blog networks that sprung up in 2004-6. They could boast about having lots of traffic, but not one flasgship brand. It is something Shiny was acutely aware of a few years back, but never acted upon.

So goodbye Vox. I doubt if you’l be missed too much. And if you want to read people’s Vox’s blogs I’ll bet you’ll find a lot of them, on Posterous very soon.

The next generation iPad will probably look a lot like this

Full marks for Samsung for getting in quick with a tablet PC that
really might rival the iPad.

It is a smaller device, with a 7inch screen, which makes it much
portable than the iPad, and to enhance this Samsung has added a
camera, video calling, voice calling,satellite navigation and
Augmented Reality.

The screen is high quality and its touch operating system, while not
as seamless as the iPad, is still very good.

It is even compatible with Flash…

Interestingly Samsung are billing it as a kind of next gen personal
organiser. So does that mean that the PDA is back? Are we going to be
using two devices again?

I covet this gadget more than anything else at the moment. Well done Samsung.

More here http://www.shinyshiny.tv/2010/09/ifa_2010_hands_on_samsung_galaxy_tab_tablet_pc.html