How Google Instant might affect SEO

You probably already know loads about Google Instant, the new search engine facility which delivers results which change at the touch of a keystroke. How though might it affect SEO?

1 It will make the top five searches very important – it will be those searches that catch your eye. The importance of a top five placing on Google will become even more important.

2 It will devalue second and third pages – I suspect that people won’t actually get that far with searches now. Rather they will just chnage what they are typing and get different first page results

3 It will deliver even more Google News traffic – Search for a product or a company and the top search is via Google News. This is the same as in previous searches, but I wonder if the speeded up search system will mean we are more likely to click on the first story that comes up. If it does, and I suspect it will, this is great news for publishers.

A few questions though

Firstly what % of people search using tool bars? They won’t be affected by the change.

Secondly people who are less web savvy might find Google Instant tricky, so their search patterns might not be affected as much.

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