The curse of Stuart Free – The Neon Laureate of North London

Like a lot of N postcoders I adore the paintings of the man who the
Indie dubbed as ‘The Neon Laureate of North London,’ aka Stuart Free.
I love the way he captures landmarks I know all to well in a dramatic,
colourful style. If Hopper had been British and painting the early
21st century I think he would have painted in this way too.

What is slightly disconcerting is what I think is the curse of Stuart
Free. Basically he paints a building and within years it has gone.

The evidence

Piccadilly Cafe, Walthamstow Dog track, Arsenal’s East Stand. Need I
go on. And I bet there are plenty more buildings in his collection
that won’t be around for too much longer. Please don’t paint Senate
House Stuart!

Anyway to see his fantastic work go here


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