Majoobi and why iPhone web apps might be a good solution for indie publishers and bloggers


For bloggers and small publishers the iPhone app has always been a bit
of an annoyance. There’s a feeling that your blog should have one, but
at the same time there’s an understanding that they are still fairly
expensive and not especially easy to monetise. Even basic app creators
like Appmakr have their limitations and besides doesn’t Apple hate all
those RSS apps?

One solution might be free and easy to use HTML5 web apps like Majoobi
which was unveiled today. Here’s the details.

What is it? – It is a kind of iPhone app lite. It doesn’t create a
proper iPhone app – so there’s no messing with Apple etc – but rather
creates an web app that has the feel of a proper app (news feed, video
and so on) using HTML5 technology. The big advantage is that you it
will work on the iPhone, iPad, Android and several other operating

How you do it – You use a web based interface to select images, feeds
etc, it is all very simple. Once the app is created you are given a
web address where the browser version of the app is, click + and then
save to home screen and you have your own app.

What’s good – It was very simple to use and I created a series of apps
in ten minutes. It was a little buggy in places, especially uploading
images, but I am sure they will fix that. It is perfect for bloggers
who want a quick and easy RSS-driven app and haven’t got the money to
pay a developer.

What’s bad – It is free, but if you get loads of traffic you’ll have
to upgrade and pay a few Euros. Also it doesn’t pull in video content
to the RSS feed which is annoying. It works on the iPad but doesn’t
look that great. Obviously it won’t work properly if you only offer
partial RSS feeds.

The future – The company says it will soon have the ability to add
bespoke pages, which will be really handy for small publishers. Also
they have plans to monetise the service which could be handy.
Publishers can also charge a subscription too.

What do you think?

Here’s two we made earlier – for them to work you need to go to them
on your mobile and click + and then save to home screen.

Pies app –

Popjunkie app –

Overall then Majoobi is well worth a spin. I guess ad agencies like
Glam will be offering their own versions of this type of ‘web app’
very soon and they will have the advantage of having lots of brands
ready to sponsor them. But Majoobi is fun for now, and if they can
iron out the quirks and add those extra features it could be a real
answer to bloggers’ prayers.

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