Spotify halves listening time for free users – time for its users to cough up the cash?


In a blog post today… Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has outlined some changes to the free service. They include cutting the amount of free listening to ten hours a month and limiting the number of plays of a certain song to just five per month. The changes will come in for most people at the end of April.

As a subscriber I welcome the move. Spotify is the best £10 I spend each month. The ability to access all those new albums, as well as the huge back catalogue, and have chosen tracks on my iPhone and iPad is easily worth that rather paltry investment.

Spotify has been too generous with its free offering and if it is to survive and prosper – and it would be a disaster for both music lovers and the European tech industry if it went under – it needs to get a wider subscriber base.

So, if you use the free service now is the time to cough up the cash, especially if you own a smartphone. What does £10 buy you these days anyhow?

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