Ball Invasion – a new high for Augmented Reality

Alas I don’t have an iPad 2, but if I did you wouldn’t be reading this as I’d be busy playing Ball Invasion. I know you have heard ‘incredible things about AR before, but this really does look amazing. It is the first game to use a new system called SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. This is a system developed in part by NASA for use in robotics, which allows an object (like, say, a drone) to look around, build up a picture of the world and then understand where it is.

So it takes your surroundings and then turns it from the real world into a different way of seeing what’s in front of you. Watch the video – you’ll be very impressed. Only hope the iPhone version is available soon.

Anyone with an iPad 2 had a go yet?


There’s a load more here…

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