Spotify adds private listening – so you can keep your Dadrock addiction from Facebook friends


The other day I posted about how I thought that sharing the music you play on Spotify on Facebook might make people (ok, me) a little more cautious about what they play. After all most of us like to appear as edgy, young cool hipsters, even if most of the time we listen to dad rock classics rather than the hottest new combo from Dalston.

Well it appears Spotify has been tuning in to the online debate for they have introduced something called ‘Private Listening.’ Earlier today the streaming music service’s official Twitter account announced ‘Now you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures. We call it “Private listening” and you can find it in the Spotify/File menu.’

It wasn’t there when I opened Spotify a few minutes ago, so I am guessing you will need to update Spotify before it arrives. I assume you tick a box and it temporarily prevents you sharing your music with your Facebook followers. You then untick when you fancy spinning some Soundcarriers. If you don’t want to share your music with Facebook anyhow go to ‘Edit’ and then ‘Preferences’ and change the setting.

So good news for ageing Oasis fans. Your constant repeat play of the new Noel Gallager album will be your little secret after all.

Now we have Music on Facebook – how about a ‘dislike’ button and some other options


The jury is very much out on Facebook’s music offering – this comes after conducting a scientific search of social media reponses from two other people. 

While everyone seems to love the Spotify link up, some people seem to have issues about people sharing what they are listening to in their timeline.

Personally I am all up for finding out what music other people are playing. However I think that Facebook’s limited user response to this – you can either ‘like’ their music or add a comment – is now a bit outdated. I think it is time Zuckerberg and his pals created a few more options.

How about…

Dislike button – for mild distaste when you see someone playing Ed Sheeran.

Pathetic attempt to be a hipster button – for when people are playing The Fuck Buttons when you know they’d rather be listening to One Direction (or buying one of their phones)

Try and listen to something new you saddo button – For when they are playing Nirvana, REM or anything else that they listened to at Uni (sadly I think I might get this one a lot)

Your partner has hijacked your Spotify account button – For when the music gets much better/much worse or starts breaking into clasical or jazz

We know you are playing air guitar button – Appropriate for Aerosmith, Green Day, Led Zep etc

Simon Cowell button – For when the music they play has absolutely no musical and artistic credibility, but you bet they wouldn’t half fancy shagging the lead singer.

You have accidentally left Spotify running on random button – Tells the user to sort it quick before it starts playing their Genevieve Waite tracks.


Save the British icon the Waverley – the last ocean going steamship in the UK


Really sad to discover that the Waverley – the last ocean going steamer in the UK – is in a spot of bother.

It sounds like the group that operates it has had a terrible year and doesn’t have enough money to keep it working for next year. As anyone who has ever been on it will tell you a voyage on the Waverley is an astonishing experience. I took a trip last year from Clacton to Tower Bridge and loved every minute of it.

The sites you see en route are incredible from the WW2 mini naval stations that were requisitioned by pirate radio stations in the 60s through to the gorgeous Art Deco cafe the Labworth at Canvey Island.

Generations of EastEnders have sailed on the ship and if we lost it we would be losing a British icon.

Anyhow here’s the blurb from the Waverley operators.

More here

This year has been a challenging one for the Waverley organisation and without your help it will be the last. We are seeking support from the public and private sector and a motion has been tabled in the Scottish Parliament to help keep Waverley sailing. We hope that a similar motion will be tabled in the Welsh Assembly.

However, these things take time and to enable us to benefit from this we need once again to appeal to you for help. We need to be able to fund the ships’ annual refits that are required to enable them to sail next year, and we do not have the money to do this.

We need your help to raise £350,000, and would ask that you donate to the Waverley Appeal.

We need your help in ensuring that the public sector does what it can to help secure Waverley and Balmoral’s future. You can download a letter to send to your local politician and councillor.


Enter your donation amount into the box above

Text WAVE11 followed by the donation amount to 70070

Call 0845 130 4647 to donate by credit or debit card

Send a cheque to Waverley Steam Navigation Co Ltd
36 Lancefield Quay, Glasgow G3 8HA

Pink Floyd albums to be streamed online for the first time in the UK next week


But not where you might think. Unless Spotify has some sneaky deal up its sleeve, it is Deezer that will get there first. According to its site you’ll be able to listen to the band’s back catalogue from Piper to The Division Bell from Monday.

There’s more on Deezer, a rival to Spotify, here

Any excuse for this

Pop Goes Art – my 20th cen, arts, architecture, film, music Jux blog


Over the last month or so I have been messing around with the new Jux blogging format. Basically it is a little like Tumblr but allows you to use much bigger images. I also think it is simpler to use than Tumblr too.

The blog, tentatively titled Pop Goes Art, is dedicated to all things from the 30s to the 60s including art, architecture, film, music and anything else that fits the template.

It is starting to get a little traffic now, especially the longer posts like these.

The five most beautiful airports

The strange tale of Genevieve Waite –

Las Vegas’ Glass Pool Inn

Claudine Longet – the sexiest voice ever

There are lot of good things about Jux, but also some bad ones (no comments, no search engine traffic etc) but it has been a fun experiment.

Nice idea – @martinwroe writes a Fifth Gospel of real people’s stories and publishes it on Lulu


My friend Martin is a one man publishing industry and his latest book has just landed on Lulu. He's written a fifth gospel, but instead of rooting round Palestine for some ancient parchment he's written real life stories from Londoners who go to his local C of E. These include the woman who gave up her child for adoption. The gardener who notices God in the roses. The gay man shunned by his children. The atheist who found he'd become a believer and more. I know some of these people and they are wonderful humans with fascinating stories

Bullfighting is cruel. Don’t let France and Spain get UNESCO to protect it


Where’s Morrissey when you need him? Apparently France and Spain are trying to get UNESCO to protect this cruel bloodsport by getting it listed as a form of “cultural heritage”.

Killing animals for sport is obviously wrong. And a lot of people in France and Spain disagree with it too. The good citizens of Barcelona (and the rest of Catalonia) banned it last year –… and there are significant anti-bullfighting movements in southern France. In fact in France bullfighting is a relatively new sport introduced by Spanish emigrees a century ago.

Anyhow there is an opportunity to bring bullfighting into the limelight again and put pressure on Spain and France to stop it.

Pop here and sign the petition to stop this cultural heritage nonsense.

Here’s the blurb from the site

Every year, about 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights — stabbed multiple times with barbed lances and banderillas (spiked wooden sticks) before suffering slow, agonizing deaths in front of an audience, including children.

Now, even though bullfighting attendance is at an all-time low and bans have been enacted by several countries and cities, France and Spain are trying to protect this cruel bloodsport by getting it listed as a form of “cultural heritage”.

Bullfights aren’t “fair fights” between a bull and a matador. They’re highly staged forms of animal cruelty, sanctioned and subsidized by governments. A UNESCO “cultural heritage” listing would give a veneer of respectability to the torture of animals for public entertainment and mean subsidies may be made available to financially safeguard the future of bullfighting.