Pop Goes Art – my 20th cen, arts, architecture, film, music Jux blog


Over the last month or so I have been messing around with the new Jux blogging format. Basically it is a little like Tumblr but allows you to use much bigger images. I also think it is simpler to use than Tumblr too.

The blog, tentatively titled Pop Goes Art, is dedicated to all things from the 30s to the 60s including art, architecture, film, music and anything else that fits the template.

It is starting to get a little traffic now, especially the longer posts like these.

The five most beautiful airports http://www.jux.com/surround/global/users/%27popgoesart%27/wd_quarks#/%27www38%27

The strange tale of Genevieve Waite – http://www.jux.com/surround/global/users/%27popgoesart%27/wd_quarks#/%27www34%27

Las Vegas’ Glass Pool Inn http://www.jux.com/surround/global/users/%27popgoesart%27/wd_quarks#/%27www29%27

Claudine Longet – the sexiest voice ever http://www.jux.com/surround/global/users/%27popgoesart%27/wd_quarks#/%27www4%27

There are lot of good things about Jux, but also some bad ones (no comments, no search engine traffic etc) but it has been a fun experiment.

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