Save the British icon the Waverley – the last ocean going steamship in the UK


Really sad to discover that the Waverley – the last ocean going steamer in the UK – is in a spot of bother.

It sounds like the group that operates it has had a terrible year and doesn’t have enough money to keep it working for next year. As anyone who has ever been on it will tell you a voyage on the Waverley is an astonishing experience. I took a trip last year from Clacton to Tower Bridge and loved every minute of it.

The sites you see en route are incredible from the WW2 mini naval stations that were requisitioned by pirate radio stations in the 60s through to the gorgeous Art Deco cafe the Labworth at Canvey Island.

Generations of EastEnders have sailed on the ship and if we lost it we would be losing a British icon.

Anyhow here’s the blurb from the Waverley operators.

More here

This year has been a challenging one for the Waverley organisation and without your help it will be the last. We are seeking support from the public and private sector and a motion has been tabled in the Scottish Parliament to help keep Waverley sailing. We hope that a similar motion will be tabled in the Welsh Assembly.

However, these things take time and to enable us to benefit from this we need once again to appeal to you for help. We need to be able to fund the ships’ annual refits that are required to enable them to sail next year, and we do not have the money to do this.

We need your help to raise £350,000, and would ask that you donate to the Waverley Appeal.

We need your help in ensuring that the public sector does what it can to help secure Waverley and Balmoral’s future. You can download a letter to send to your local politician and councillor.


Enter your donation amount into the box above

Text WAVE11 followed by the donation amount to 70070

Call 0845 130 4647 to donate by credit or debit card

Send a cheque to Waverley Steam Navigation Co Ltd
36 Lancefield Quay, Glasgow G3 8HA

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