Now we have Music on Facebook – how about a ‘dislike’ button and some other options


The jury is very much out on Facebook’s music offering – this comes after conducting a scientific search of social media reponses from two other people. 

While everyone seems to love the Spotify link up, some people seem to have issues about people sharing what they are listening to in their timeline.

Personally I am all up for finding out what music other people are playing. However I think that Facebook’s limited user response to this – you can either ‘like’ their music or add a comment – is now a bit outdated. I think it is time Zuckerberg and his pals created a few more options.

How about…

Dislike button – for mild distaste when you see someone playing Ed Sheeran.

Pathetic attempt to be a hipster button – for when people are playing The Fuck Buttons when you know they’d rather be listening to One Direction (or buying one of their phones)

Try and listen to something new you saddo button – For when they are playing Nirvana, REM or anything else that they listened to at Uni (sadly I think I might get this one a lot)

Your partner has hijacked your Spotify account button – For when the music gets much better/much worse or starts breaking into clasical or jazz

We know you are playing air guitar button – Appropriate for Aerosmith, Green Day, Led Zep etc

Simon Cowell button – For when the music they play has absolutely no musical and artistic credibility, but you bet they wouldn’t half fancy shagging the lead singer.

You have accidentally left Spotify running on random button – Tells the user to sort it quick before it starts playing their Genevieve Waite tracks.


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