Very smart social media/music ad campaign – Ford’s Bands In Transit


Really like this new campaign for Ford Transit vans. Basically they have taken some very cool bands – including Margate’s very own Surfmeisters Two Wounded Birds – interesting places and filmed them performing live with the van in tow. The TWB video is shot at Cardiff Castle.

Great idea and nicely executed too

Instant #Instagram magazine. Shiny Shiny’s Autumn Collection #shinyautumn #magcloud

I just played a very small part in a really lovely project that was collaboration between the teams from Sutro and

Over the past few weeks Shiny Shiny has been running a competition, sponsored by speaker company Orbitsound, which encouraged readers to send in (or rather tweet about) Instagram pictures they had taken that reflect Autumn.

Not only did we get over a 100 entries, but the standard of the pics was exceptionally high.

So we have taken the best 30 or so of them and compiled a digital/iPad magazine that’s available from Magcloud here

You can also buy a printed version if you fancy too. The iPad version looks great and the mag is very easy to make as we used the Magcloud tie-up with Flickr. The design and lay out is fairly basic, but here’s hoping that Magcloud upgrade the service to give users a little more flexibility.

You can also see some of the best on the website here –…

It worked brilliantly as a competition too, so if any brands fancy running something similar with us again (you just provide some knock out prizes) please get in touch.

Cool new-ish blog – London Pop-ups


Much kudos to bloke about town/Bon Viveur/Bluegrass devotee Dan Calladine for combining at least two of his biggest passions in this rather wonderful blog.

Basically it lists all the latest pop up shops/restaurants/cafes/cinemas in the capital as well as providing some very useful resources if you fancy having a bash yourself.

It has already inspired some great ideas in the Sutro office. Let’s just say if you are Starbucks, you should be very worried indeed.

Looking forward to the Bluegrass blog next Dan.