Instant #Instagram magazine. Shiny Shiny’s Autumn Collection #shinyautumn #magcloud

I just played a very small part in a really lovely project that was collaboration between the teams from Sutro and

Over the past few weeks Shiny Shiny has been running a competition, sponsored by speaker company Orbitsound, which encouraged readers to send in (or rather tweet about) Instagram pictures they had taken that reflect Autumn.

Not only did we get over a 100 entries, but the standard of the pics was exceptionally high.

So we have taken the best 30 or so of them and compiled a digital/iPad magazine that’s available from Magcloud here

You can also buy a printed version if you fancy too. The iPad version looks great and the mag is very easy to make as we used the Magcloud tie-up with Flickr. The design and lay out is fairly basic, but here’s hoping that Magcloud upgrade the service to give users a little more flexibility.

You can also see some of the best on the website here –…

It worked brilliantly as a competition too, so if any brands fancy running something similar with us again (you just provide some knock out prizes) please get in touch.

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