Boo! Premier League scuppers The Guardian’s ‘The greatest Premier League goal ever – poll’


There’s a really lovely feature on the Guardian today where readers are asked to vote for what they think is best Premiership goal of all time.… Everyone knows that it was Dennis Bergkamp’s classic twin touch destruction of the Newcastle defence from 2001-2002 season, but that’s another matter.

So you can refresh your memory as to which are the best goals The Guar has helpfully put in links to YouTube videos of the goals.

Except that none of them work. Someone at the FA has clearly had a minor coronary over the feature and insisted to YouTube that they take the links down – which is terrible, but does mean that it is more likely that I will get some work done this morning.

So is The Guardian being irresponsible in linking to ‘pirated, illegal videos’. Or should the Premiership stop spoiling all out Xmas fun?

New trend – Blogs to Books. Nothing to See Here – A Guide to the Hidden Joys of Scotland


If I remember rightly taking content from blogs and turning them into books was all the rage a few years ago. Anyone remember The Friday Project? I wonder whatever happened to that Paul Carr bloke?

Well give the fella his due he had a great idea, but was probably half a decade too soon with it.

The economics of publishing books has changed massively and these days self-publish is a badge of honour rather than a dirty word (or two).

I think over the coming months we are going to see of spurt of bloggers releasing books. Basically anyone savvy enough to produce non date specific content can now quite easily create print books (through indie publishers and Lulu) and upload them to Kindle and iBooks stores.

For me the big breakthrough will be the arrival of the Kindle Fire next year. It will then mean that image heavy books – which incidentally look fine on the Kindle app on mobiles and tablets – will look great on the native format too.

So I really like the look of this book. Nothing To See Here is a great blog that features quirky and interesting buildings and places from across the UK. The best Scottish ones, along with some new posts, have been rounded up for this book, which if it keeps up the standard of the website will be a wonderful read. You can order a print version here

A while ago Sean Hannam and myself ran a music site called PopJunkie, which featured the most under-rated albums of all time. A few of those, along with a lot of new reviews from some very talented and generous souls, will shortly be available as Stop Me If You Think… The Most Under-rated Albums Ever on the Kindle and iBooks platforms. Money raised from the book will go to The Great Ormond Street Children’as Hospital. The book will be available in January.

I am sure there will be plenty more blog books next year too.

New project – Connected Health Store


Very excited to unveil today a new project I have been working on with the Shiny Media team – Connected Health Store.

Back in the day Shiny used to start a new blog every other week (sighs wistfully) but this is actually the first new website from Shiny in about four years – which only goes to underline what an important sector in the tech world we think it will become.

Anyhow the blurb about the website is here

The release is below

New website that focuses on health gadgets and apps, Connected Health Store, launches

Innovative collaboration between website network Shiny Media and product development agency CONNECTION7

The booming sector of health gadgets and apps gets its very own website today with the arrival of Connected Health Store.

A collaboration between website network Shiny Media and sales, marketing and product development company CONNECTION7 Connected Health Store will keep its US and UK readers up to date with the latest news from the medical and fitness gadgets world highlighting products that monitor a person’s bodily signs, enable them to track their wellness and a great deal more.

In a few months time Connected Health Store will also add a retail section enabling readers to view and buy a number of unique health-based products and apps.

‘For me the Connected Health space is one of the most vibrant and exciting areas of technology,’ explains Ashley Norris, a director of Shiny Media. ‘There is going to be an explosion of health gadgets and apps in 2012, starting at the CES exhibition in January, which will make a significant difference to the way that we monitor our health.’

‘At CHS we will also keep tabs on the growing wellness app market, which will begin to mature as phones and tablets get ever more sophisticated and intelligent.’

‘The real opportunity here is to cut through an increasing wealth of information and bring it altogether under one roof. News, product reviews, tips and advice with a store to follow, make the Connected Health Store a cracking destination for those interested in tech and health.’ Said, Andrew Durkin co-founder of CONNECTION7.

The editorial for Connected Health Store is written by the team that produces Shiny’s two high profile consumer electronics websites Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny. Shiny’s MD Chris Price says ‘It has been quite a while since we launched a new website which just goes to underline how exciting and how much potential we think there is in Connected Health.’