How long before Kindles are free? Not long now…

Paying for your Kindle? That’s so 2011. It’s just a hunch at the moment, but I think that it won’t be too long before you can pick up a basic Kindle for free. Well the hardware will be free anyhow funded by the subscription you pay to a publisher or vouchers for books/films/music etc

In fact it is kind of already happening. Walbllog has this story… on how you can now get a free Nook (the Barnes & Noble Kindle rival) if you subscribe to the digital edition of the New York Times.

Customers who purchase a one-year Nook subscription to The New York Times at $19.99 a month will receive a top-rated Nook Simple Touch for free (usually $99) or a 7 inch Nook Color for just $99 (usually $199).

Of course Amazon is in a much stronger position with the Kindle than B&N are with the Nook, and to start giving away ereaders for nothing won’t go down well with the millions who paid cash for them this Christmas. However surely it is a matter of time now before we see deals like this dropping all over the place.

Spend £100 on ebooks and get a free Kindle, or a Kindle Fire for £100. It can’t be too far away.

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