Spotify for books edges closer with Bilbary

The Telegraph has an interesting interview today with Tim Coates, whose ebook store Bilbary was announced earlier this week. Coates says a couple of fascinating things. Firstly that the cost of ebooks should be cheaper – which sounds reasonable enough.

Secondly that when Bilbary launches it will have a rental section. 

It is with a lending model that the site aims to differentiate itself. Beginning with academic books, Bilbary customers will be able to ‘rent’ a book for a short period of time. Mr Coates said: “We’re the first to identify this idea of renting.”

Mainstream publishers “don’t want to do renting at the moment”, Mr Coates said but he said he expected that to change “in a year or so”.

We are still some way from a pay your ten quid and read as much as you like model – except in libraries. But surely it can’t be long before this is an option. I guess the book industry would hate it and it might be be hard to make the figures add up in the short term, but surely this is where we are heading.

The interview is here…


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