Another great new tech new channel to keep your eye on – GigaOm Europe


There’s some interesting re-organisation going on in the tech/media/start up blog world. Last month aol killed off TechCrunch Europe as a separate blog and incorporated it into the TechCrunch mothership with its own channel.

Now rival blog network GigaOm has done the same and launched GigaOm Europe as an addition to its main GigaOm domain. It focuses on the European start up scene with sides of tech, investor gossip and media updates.

It will be a must read largely because of the team that is producing it. I have massive respect for Bobbie Johnson, Rob Andrews and David Meyer, all of whom have a great track record in tech and media journalism.

If the launch is tinged with a little sadness it is because Paid Content UK, which was purchased by GigaOm from The Guardian recently, is no more with the UK and European content now being added to the main Paid Content site. It is a shame because it was by far the best site that focused on UK media and is now gone. An opportunity beckons for team or anyone else.

I keep meaning to put together a story detailing ‘ what happened to the media class of 2005.’ Most of the US sites from this period – HuffPo, Engadget etc are now ensconced in larger organisations/publishers, but it is a different story for the British sites.

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