The London Project – almost done


I have been a little quiet on here for a while now, largely because I have been trying to finish the book that I have been working on for months now.

The London Project is a collection of stories, images and videos that reflect the World’s greatest city on the cusp of a momentous year in its history.

It will look back at the past, take the pulse of the city as it is now and make a few predictions about its future. It will be available in the following formats.

iBooks version for the iPad – in colour with Google Maps, video and galleries.
Kindle version – less interactive, and no colour unless you read it on a Kindle app and not on the ereader
Print – a proper book version.

You’ll read about

The London landmarks that no one sees
The capital’s disappearing villages
The ten London venues that shaped the history of music
London’s most important night in the 20th century
Why London loves pop-ups

and a colourful cast of Londoners from Joe Meek through to north London artist Stuart Free.

Anyway – check out the Facebook page and if you ‘like’ us you’ll know when the Project hits the iTunes store/Amazon.

Btw – Bonus points for anyone who can name the place featured on the pic – a clue – it is just outside London on the Thames

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