The Word magazine lives on online as The Afterword – in a kind of legit way

Here’s an interesting one. It appears that The Word magazine isn’t so dead after all. Its vibrant online community has been replaced by something called The Afterword, which also seems pretty vibrant and popular too.

So is this Development Hell – The Word’s publishers – sneaky way of keeping the brand alive? Now according to the FAQ on the site which says…

Is this site officially connected with Word Magazine or their publisher Development Hell?
In a word, No.

What has happened to the old website? Can I access my old blog posts from there?

The Word Magazine website closed down on 17/7/2012. We hope to be able to give you access to some of the old website content soon. Watch this space.

So it isn’t connected to DH, but then they might have some of its content and there’s also a link to the site from the mag’s original site.

Anyway, I have said many times that there is an alternative biz model for the brand and maybe it is something that the community can take a lead in. It all depends on how generous DH are feeling about their old brand.

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