Boo! Premier League scuppers The Guardian’s ‘The greatest Premier League goal ever – poll’


There’s a really lovely feature on the Guardian today where readers are asked to vote for what they think is best Premiership goal of all time.… Everyone knows that it was Dennis Bergkamp’s classic twin touch destruction of the Newcastle defence from 2001-2002 season, but that’s another matter.

So you can refresh your memory as to which are the best goals The Guar has helpfully put in links to YouTube videos of the goals.

Except that none of them work. Someone at the FA has clearly had a minor coronary over the feature and insisted to YouTube that they take the links down – which is terrible, but does mean that it is more likely that I will get some work done this morning.

So is The Guardian being irresponsible in linking to ‘pirated, illegal videos’. Or should the Premiership stop spoiling all out Xmas fun?