Why do Mars get football so wrong?


Ok, so we can all breath again. Roy Hodgson’s team did the business last night and courtesy of a Rooney header and late bit of Stevie G magic I can fantasise that come summer 2014 I’ll be watching England in the World Cup final at some lovely new stadium in Rio.

There was however one thing that took my attention away from what was actually a very absorbing (for England) game and that was the rubbish advertising that Mars displayed on the boards around the pitch.

Talk about cringe-worthy! It gave the impression that it was displaying messages from real punters, presumably harvested from Twitter (I think there was hash tag there) cheering England on. Now they might have been real – but the names like Dave C!? were so generic it seemed unlikely.

Even worse was the content of the messages. They were mainly of the trite Good Luck England variety. In fact one was so bad it became etched on my memory – it said ‘Qualification is our goal.’

Quite honestly which self-respecting football fan would tweet a Mars hash tag such nonsense. It smacks of something rustled up by a Mars marketing executive who really has absolutely no understanding of football and its culture.

I thought the days of ‘dad on the dancefloor’ social media approaches from brands were at an end given that we all understand that brands need to be sincere, genuine and authentic these days. It appears not.

New project – Sutro Digital – so what exactly is a social branded content agency?


I haven’t posted here for a few days largely because of I have been working on a new project – Sutro Digital

You can find out more about the company here http://www.sutrodigital.com/232/about-sutro/sutro-digital-all-you-need-to-kno…

but essentially we are a content agency that works with brands to create content that we share with their customers via social media.

We think our social emphasis and the broad range of experience of the founders (customer publishing, PR, blogging, social media) makes us unique in the UK.

Brands now have an amazing opportunity to enegage with their customers via social media. However we resolutely beleive that igniting some of that conversation should be quality, old fashioned content.

We already have an amazing team in place, but as time goes by we will also be looking for freelance writers, developers and designers. So if that’s you get in touch ashleyatsutrodigitaldotcom