Where are the British founders and CEOs on YouTube

Very interesting article on Mashable today http://mashable.com/2010/08/03/ceo-founder-web-video/ which highlights how twelve CEO/Founders are using web video, and in many instances YouTube. Most were familiar like Tom Dickson of BlendTec, whose Will it Blend has been a huge hit, alongside Kevin Rose of Digg, Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library and Scott Jordan of Scottevest.

It did make me wonder though where are the UK CEOs on YT? Maybe it is that old British reserve, or maybe it is because UK brands haven’t fared that well on YouTube (have a look at the figures for some of the supermarket sites, they are very poor) but there is clearly a marketing opportunity for the right person and the right brand. And it is clear that YT success is affecting the bottom line of companies like Blendtec.

Can anyone think of any UK CEOs on YouTube?

How to make a success of a branded YouTube channel


Shiny is still one of the most watched YouTube channels in the UK. The last time I looked we had clocked up around 26 million views of our gagdety stuff and were one of the top ten British media channels on there – along with the BBC, ITV and X-Factor. http://www.youtube.com/user/shinymedia

Setting up a branded YouTube channel and attracting lots of views, even if you have some big names on the videos, is a lot trickier. There are an awful lot of branded YouTube channels that have only ever pulled in a few thousand viewers.

So I wrote this story for the APA website on how brands should approach YT channels