Shiny Shiny and Tech Digest set new traffic records


It has been an incredible four months for Shiny Media’s two tech websites – Shiny Shiny and Tech Digest. Both have enjoyed an incredible traffic surge and both have hit record monthly levels for both unique visitors and page impressions.

So why is this happening now? The economy is still in the toilet and very few people seem to be buying hardware? Well the iPad has had a dramatic impact both in terms of the numbers of people reading iPad stories and also people actually reading the websites on their tablet.

There also seems to be less competition around too with some high profile tech websites shutting or shifting to new domains.

Also Google’s recent Panda tweaks have helped too in that they favour sites with original content.

Most of all though the quality of the stories on both sites has been superb, which brings me back to the golden rule of website publishing. Create great content and people will come.

Incidentally another site I have some involvement with, Who Ate All The Pies, has also been notching up record figures with over a million visitors a month on the site for the last three months.

Internet publishing is clearly evolving…